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Janice Jada Griffin


Janice Jada Griffin lives and works in Northern New Mexico. She is a painter, a sculptor and a creative writer. For 10 years she owned her own studio and gallery in Portland, Oregon’s legendary Pearl District. USA Today rated it the “Best Gallery” in an arts district outside of New York City. The Oregonian newspaper stated, “Janice Griffin is gaining renown as one of the best American abstract expressionist painters.” Janice paints both abstract and female figurative work in an expressionistic style. Speaking to a sisterhood of womens’ mutual benefit that is in the collective female DNA, her figurative paintings, in tandem with her essays, celebrate the inherent dignity of all women through time and space. They ask us to awaken into our wholeness, proclaiming the abundance of feminine sexuality in all its extravagant reality and honoring the resilience, intelligence, wisdom, intuition, compassion, experience, beauty, freedom and heart that make every woman a full woman. Janice draws inspiration from many sources, including the magnificent wilderness landscape, the high altitude glowing light and the dramatic skies of her adopted State, her extensive travel, and time spent living abroad in Chile, Algeria, England, France, Switzerland and Spain. Janice loves to take commissioned work because “it always expands the boundaries of what is conceivable and takes me on a journey of discovery with my clients.” Her work is found in collections internationally, including in New York City, Washington D.C., Los Angeles, San Francisco, Santa Fe, London, Paris, Tel Aviv, Sydney, and in a private museum collection in Mexico. 


“We make pictures because we are painters; we have no choice. We sculpt with clay to feel between our fingers the raw material of the earth from which we are originated. Writing is a quest to make sense of the world and to understand our place in it. We dance to experience the ecstasy of being alive. Art helps us to know there is beauty in a commodity-driven existence, to touch the freedom of a geography without borders and a landscape without maps. It is a way of life.” 

Janice Jada Griffin


Commissioned Work


To commission work from Janice Jada Griffin is simple and rewarding. Whether this be a painting, a piece of writing, or a sculpture, it is Janice’s preferred method of working. If you see a picture on the web site that inspires you, or if you feel motivated to breathe life into an idea of your own, we would love to speak with you. Painting sizes can be customized to fit or fill a special wall, colors can be shifted to please the soul, and content can be managed to tell your story with thoughtfulness, passion and love. Janice is a careful listener, she deeply appreciates her clients, and she is grateful for the trust they place in her. The shared journey between artist and collector is always one of revelation. 


Please telephone 505 603 2275 or

e-mail janice@janicegriffingallery.com to begin your commission today.


Photo by David Bentley