Jada Griffin


Jada Griffin is gaining renown as one of the best American abstract expressionist painters." — The Oregonian

"I want a painting that will change my life." — Susan Hodge, co-owner Gallery 903, Portland, Oregon.


"This time of year, one of my favorite things is when the sunset in the west reflects off the downtown buildings and into our condo, lighting up parts of Red Sea Pearl and the mica in your paper piece which hangs near it.

Adele Friedman, Portland, Oregon.


"Wow!! I read your BEAUTIFUL tribute yesterday morning. It has taken me more than 24 hours to process it all. I feel like I know this wonderful man and amazing human, having read your eloquent depictions. We are so humbled to have played a small role in your experience of that day. You are truly a gifted writer."

Carole Ramsay, MA, MS, MS. Actor, writer, screenwriter, publisher at StereoAtypical Press, author of The God Seed and the Dalai Lama's Wife and The Gates of Athena, development economist.


 "You are such a wonderful writer - also such a creative and very capable, accomplished, caring and interesting woman. Need I say more? We love you, Jada."

 Merle Strauss, musician, poet, dancer, healer. 

"Your tribute essay is like a pure chime, perfectly resonating the logos that humanity needs to hear/know- the meaning of love - love shared, love manifested, love animated. Your Thomas is love embodied. (As are you). What seems to glow and flow from Thomas is this free-form generosity of spirit, so alive and in I-thou relationship with everything. I speak of the hero's journey every chance I get. I speak of life's call to adventure, of courage, of gold in the dragon's cave.... of meaning and mystery, compassion and creativity, and flow... and always, always... love. When I speak to educators, mental health folk, etc., I speak about the human experience and the dehumanizing forces at work all around us... mechanizing us... detaching us from our souls and from each other. What you have described here, your beautiful love with Thomas, as well as his personal essence, is a metaphor, is its own story, its own myth - capturing precisely what humanity needs to bloom and blossom. Your lovely essay and poem are so gentle yet so powerful."

CC,  mental health educator and speaker. 

Kat Topaz